Why You Need To Travel To Scottsdale.

After the stresses of finals week, my mom and I took a short girls trip out to Scottsdale. I love traveling to Arizona because of how different the atmosphere is from home. Besides the fact that it is A LOT warmer, the scenery truly sets the location apart from other warmer destinations. It is truly breathtaking as you’re surrounded by palm trees as if you’re down in Florida and mountains as if you’re up North. Also, the abundance of cacti reaffirms the fact that   you are no where near the East Coast. But, why else should you travel to Scottsdale? 

1. The Weather is Perfect (Well… except in the summer)

Traveling in December, the weather was equivalent to spring in New England. Everyday I comfortably wore jeans and a light jacket. This was honestly the best kind of weather because there were absolutely so restrictions on what to wear. Fall is very short lived up North, so I was able to make wear of all my fall pieces I got to enjoy for a solid week. Traveling to Arizona in the summer is a whole different experience. With the weather being well over 100 degrees, you spend your time either indoors or in a pool. The best way to describe the pain of this heat is walking around in a outdoor sauna. Ultimately, the best time to travel here is in March/ April. The weather is in the high 70s, low 80s.

2. The Shopping Is Amazing

Around me, the only decent mall is over an hour away. In Scottsdale, however, the shopping is incredible. Across from our resort, there was an outdoor shopping plaza called “Kierland Commons”. Here, there were numerous shops and restaurants. It was so nice to be able to walk a few minutes down the street to get dinner and go to some of my favorite stores such as Madewell and Athleta. This wasn’t even the best of it. About 20 minutes away was this HUGE shopping mall: “Fashion Square Mall”. Huge is an understatement because I don’t think we even hit a fraction of it.

3. You Get To Experience Both Desert and City Atmospheres 

Scottsdale is amazing because one minute you’re driving through a developed city atmosphere and the next you’re driving through the desert. You really get the best of both worlds.


For someone with very frizzy hair, this is a HUGE plus. I am always able to straighten my hair without worrying about my hair reverting back to it’s naturally frizzy self.

5. Lots of Scenic Hiking Trails

From what I’ve heard and seen, there are numerous hiking trails in the area. I’m not really one to say anything about them because I don’t think I’ve ever hiked in my life… oops.

6. Beautiful and Luxurious Resorts

Scottsdale is truly a great travel destination due to it’s abundance of high quality resorts. My favorite, however, is The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. This resort is honestly one of my favorites I have ever stayed at. For one, the location is incredible as you are only steps away from Kierland Commons. This makes shopping and dining extremely easy and accessible. The resort also has an amazing pool, spa, and golf course (would be nice if I actually golfed…). My favorite aspect about the property is the view. Right as you enter the hotel, you look out to the golf course with the mountain range lining the horizon. It is truly breathtaking.


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