Resort Wear 2019: Polka Dots

I wore this outfit a few days ago during my spring break. For this look, I aimed to attain a compromise between comfort and style as we planned to walk a decent amount that night. From afar, it might seem as though I am wearing a skirt, however, this “skirt” is merely shorts. Finding these shorts was a big plus in my book. I mean, who wouldn’t love the comfort of shorts while still maintaining the appearance of a skirt? The polka dot pattern is the focal point of the outfit. I based every other aspect of the look around the pattern. I also, wore a turtleneck body suit instead of a deeper cut body suit to accentuate the necklaces. For shoes, I wore patterned slides to contrast the shorts. Finally, I paired a black crossbody with a gold chain to tie in the necklaces. This look is super easy to recreate. In place of my shorts, you can truly match any pair of flowy shorts or skirt. As for the slides, there are MANY cheaper alternatives that can be worn in varying colors or patterns. For bags, any alternative could work. To spice up the look, you could pair a bold colored bag to be the statement of the look. Overall, this is a great look for spring break, going out to dinner, going into the city, etc.

Bodysuit: Free People

Shorts: ZARA


(Other necklace is from Calico)



-Aria 🙂

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